Anesthesia Consulting Services

Consulting Services

MBA has a consultation team that provides consulting services to our clients. Our consulting team has over 15 years experience with managing anesthesia groups. We realize that each Anesthesia Department is unique and requires a specific set of solutions to solve problems. We utilize a variety of clinical and Anesthesia billing processes to develop a customized solution for each of our clients allowing them to reach their goals and objectives. The following is a list of Anesthesia Consulting Services we provide.

Practice Evaluation - We provide full Anesthesia practice evaluation services. We have experience managing all aspects of an Anesthesia department and have an experienced anesthesiologist on staff. Learn More

Employment Strategy - MBA can objectively analyze the economic impact for both the hospital and the anesthesiologists on any changes in the employment model. This analysis will allow both parties to make educated business decisions on which option is best for their situation and at what expense. Learn More

Stipend Analysis - Whether you have an existing anesthesia stipend arrangement in place, or if you are contemplating a re-assessment of the amount now paid,  MBA can help evaluate the variables which determine the final figure. Learn More

Business Development - MBA identifies new opportunities for business growth that represent significant revenue potential for our clients. Additionally we evaluate current clinical practices for services that are not cost effective which occurs when the service costs the practice more to provide than the revenue it generates. Learn More

Financial Audits - MBA can provide methodical examination of financial statements and documents and auditing of your accounts receivable process. We also perform compliance reviews to determine your compliance with HIPAA regulations along with verifying your position on compliance issues. Learn More