Anesthesia Billing Services

Billing Services

Medical Billing Associates provides services that are specifically designed to manage anesthesia/pain management billing. We provide billing management tools that will help our clients improve transaction processing and optimize revenue. If you are interested in growing your business, maximizing your reimbursement and providing better service to your patients MBA can help. We have been involved with anesthesia/pain management billing for twenty-seven years and provide a comprehensive billing and collections service.


Billing Collection - MBA provides a full service billing management solution specifically designed for Anesthesia/Pain Management. We monitor and manage each step of the billing process to ensure your contracted payments are paid and reimbursed as fast as possible. Our bill coders are AAPC certified and we employ quality assurance audits to maintain accuracy.  Learn More

Provider Credentials - MBA can handle all the paperwork necessary to establish you’re provider credentialing whether it's adding a new provider to your group or keeping those in the practice up-to-date. Provider enrollment is a key component in the profitability of an anesthesia practice.  Learn More

Payer Contract Negotiations - MBA has the proficiency to negotiate beneficial payer contracts by utilizing accurate pricing strategies obtained by our national practice evaluations. Managed Care contract negotiations can be an intimidating task for physicians or office staff. However, a well-negotiated health plan contract can increase revenue and reduce insurance company delays.  Learn More

Managed Care Reimbursement Tracking - MBA has electronic access to accurate information on whether managed care companies are paying at the practice’s contracted rate. We monitor managed care company’s payment performance in terms of how quickly they pay, how accurately they pay, and how often they deny claims.

Compliance Education - MBA helps Anesthesia/Pain Management practices stay current with compliance regulations and adhere to rules which apply to coding, claim submission, payments, HIPAA, and human resource management. It is important to improve documentation accuracy so your Anesthesia practice stays within all applicable laws and regulations allowing you to maximize your legal reimbursement and prevent costly audits by Medicare or Medicaid.  Learn More

Revenue Optimization - To receive full benefits of a partnership with MBA, we recommend a comprehensive review of your Anesthesia billing processes as well as all aspects of your Anesthesia practice operations. In almost every review MBA has been able to provide recommendations which will significantly improve your Anesthesia practice’s revenues or decrease its costs (or both), thus increasing each physician’s personal net income.  Learn More