Medical Billing Associates Staff

Who We Are

Since 1983, Medical Billing Associates has been a nationwide full-service, anesthesia billing service  provider. We truly understand the everyday challenges of anesthesiologists, CRNAs, Pain Management Specialists, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals. Anesthesia Biller is dedicated to increasing your billing  and collections rate while improving your department’s performance in both its collections and business practices.

Medical Billing Associates has a physician with a Master of Business Administration degree along with a PhD in Healthcare Marketing on staff who can talk to the insurance companies on both a medical and business level. Our expertise helps level the playing field by eliminating the advantage of understanding business that the insurance companies claim to possess over the busy practicing physician. 

Medical Billing Associates can improve the traditional business functions such as billing and collections. As much as twenty-five percent of revenue can be lost through problems such as coding errors, services that go uncharged, inadequate documentation, and lack of follow-up. MBA, unlike the majority of our competition, is extremely proficient in the clinical management of an anesthesia department. We can evaluate and make recommendations on the optimal staffing requirements so that unnecessary providers are not increasing your costs. MBA can identify new opportunities for business growth that represent significant revenue potential for our clients. We can even teach the current anesthesia staff how to perform any new procedures if they are lacking the necessary clinical experience. If the practice does want to provide additional services then we can utilize proven marketing techniques to increase the services that are being offered. The quickest method to increasing revenue is not adding services but improving marketing of the services currently available. MBA's expertise in marketing is an invaluable tool available to our clients. MBA truly believes the words of wisdom that "if you think the price of an education is high, try ignorance!" We have acquired the additional education for our clients rather than have our clients pay for tuition at the "school of hard knocks." Whether you have an existing practice or a newly formed group there is simply no one that knows and understands the business and clinical portion of an anesthesia practice better than Medical Billing Associates.