Anesthesia Billing Company

Why Us

If you have an anesthesia practice, you’ve likely found that anesthesia can be one of the most difficult medical specialties to bill and collect your hard earned fees. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a business-experienced anesthesiologist with a Master in Business Administration and a PhD in healthcare marketing available to help you deal with these Anesthesia billing and collections issues?

Medical Billing Associates has assembled an experienced team of medical and accounting professionals to overcome the challenge of anesthesia billing and collections and increase your reimbursements. If you believe that knowledge is power then you have to select Medical Billing Associates as your anesthesia billing service provider. Simply stated, there is not an anesthesia practice management problem which Medical Billing Associates has not already solved.

Before you choose your anesthesia billing problem solver ask yourself one question. Do you want someone who has the additional business education, along with 20 years of clinical and management experience, or someone who says they think they understand the specialty of Anesthesia? Medical Billing Associates can provide the solutions you need. Our full-time anesthesiologist expert is just a free phone call away.